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To the Students, Families, and Friends of the Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School:


     Thank you to all of my seventh and eighth graders,  as well as the fifth and sixth graders who will never get a chance to hear one of my corny jokes as a member of my classroom community (it’s okay, you would tire of me quickly).

     It has been a wonderful experience working with each and every one of you at Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School! I wish all of you the best in your in your future pursuits, whether you are moving on to one of our city’s finest high schools or being promoted to the esteemed ranks of a higher grade level here at RAPCS. 

    Though my time at RAPCS is cut short, I take with me invaluable experiences that have helped me become not only a better teacher, but a more complete human being. I will not only see the best of you in my students as I move south to North Carolina, but for the rest of my life—no matter where I wind up on this journey.

     I believe in you. You are never defined by your most recent spelling error, miscalculation, or bad grade. You are only defined by your strength to recover from any setback and your ability to learn from the hard times. 

     To the families of our students: thank you for your continued support of what we teachers aim to do at RAPCS: give. I can attest to the will and the passion for education that exists in our teachers. In an ever-changing world, do not hesitate to join our community and demand excellence from this school. Get involved with RAPCS, and help this school to be the anchor of progress and growth for Philadelphia.

     When we close our doors for yet another summer this Friday the 16th, I will be opening a new one. Please feel free to contact me at my personal email address,

     Have a safe summer, and never stop learning!


Best wishes,

MacKenzie James Hand