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** If you want a study guide for the MATH PSSA email me at and I will share one with you. Happy studying!**

Welcome to my online classroom. If you are looking for opportunities to practice what we have learned in the classroom, visit some of the sites in the educational website section. Students can use these websites and also to practice the math concepts in place of homework. 


September/October - We will learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers (positive/negative numbers and zero)

October/November- We will learn to find the unit rate.

November/December- We will learn to find the percent of a number and apply that to tax, tip, discount, commission, and simple interest. 

January- We will learn to solve one and two step equations and inequalities. 

February – We will begin our geometry units. Students will learn angle relationships (supplementary, complemetary, adjacent, vertical, alternate interior, alternate exterior and corresponding), area, surface area, and volume. 

March – We will be learning how to find the probabilty of chance events. Students will be predicting or determining whether some outcomes are certain, more likely, less likely, equally likely, or impossible. Students will also be using probability to predict the approximate freqency of events.