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Mr. Wong’s 8th Grade Math Syllabus

Course Description: Math topics to be covered include algebraic equations and inequalities, proportions, exponents, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and statistics.  Students will be using the Singapore Math strategy to solve word problems. More information on the strategy can be found on my Educational Website Page.

Course Goals

  • To develop responsibility and personal advocacy
  • To develop problem-solving strategies
  • To develop abstract thinking
  • To have fun and be successful!

Textbooks: Students are allowed to write in these textbooks. These textbooks are for them to keep. Pages are perforated for the students to hand in for credit. 

  • Go Math 8th Grade

Supply List

  • Single subject notebook or composition for journal
  • 5 subject binder for note taking
  • Pencil with eraser or blue/black pen. 

Grading Policy:

  • 20% Classwork and Quizzes
  • 80% Projects and Tests

Problem of the Day (P.O.D.): Posted on smartboard when students walk into classroom. The P.O.D is a problem or question related to the previous days’ lesson for students to respond to. Students are to complete the P.O.D. in their composition workbook. 

Late Work:  For each day an assignment is late, one letter grade will be taken from the assignment grade. After one (1) week, late work will not be accepted and will result in an automatic “F.” If the student has an excused absence, student will receive two (2) days for every day the student is absent before it is considered late. For example, if a student is absent for one (1) day, student have two (2) days to complete the assignment. After two (2) days, the assignment is late. All work will be posted on my webpage.


     Prepared: Come prepared to class every day and be on time. Wear the proper uniform. 

     Respectful: Respect others’ space, property, and right to learn. No talking during instruction and keep                 speaking volume appropriate to task.

      Inspire: Encourage others to succeed and teach others. Clean up after messes even if they are not yours. Encourage others to show P.R.I.D.E.

     Dedicated: Be on time and come prepared to learn.

     Enthusiastic: Complete your work and do your best with every task.


    First- Verbal

    Second- Break Activity    

    Third- Phone Call

    Fourth- After School Detention

    Fifth: Disciplinarian Office