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5th Grade Homework



Marking Period 3

1)  Visit, click on Teacher Pages > Ms. Henderson

Read the Welcome Letter!

Have a parent or guardian email, with any questions.
2)  Research Journal and/or sketchbook keeping, online or through conversations with others.  Has anyone you have known kept a sketchbook?  Ask at home!  Write down your findings and turn in for a grade!
3) Research optical illusion art.  Select an op artist or work of op art and write one paragraph.

4)Create an original piece of op art.

5)  Use value (one color, of various tints and shades) to decorate one piece of paper.

Value :  an Element of Art that describes the lightness or darkness of a surface or a color.

6)Show texture by using a pencil or crayon to make rubbings on a paper (leaves, shoe bottoms, baskets, etc.).
7)Free Draw!

Marking Period 4

1)  Extra Credit ONLY: Draw an original Mandala while listening to music.

2)  Create a drawing expressing fear.

3) Draw an original Sugar Skull.  Add new details from research you have done on your own.

4) Watch animation (cartoon, movie, video game, online video, etc.), and draw a scene from that episode.

5)  Write a short situation your cartoon character got into.  Use a real life story, or make one up!

6) Bring a box (shoe box preferred) and all supplies needed to build your diorama cartoon setting.

7) Complete any missing work before grades close.




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