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Mr. Curtiss

Hello 8th Grade Students

Below you will find your instructions in order to log in to your online account

  1. Type in your address bar

  2. Click the “District” Tab

  3. Select “Pennsylvania” under state

  4. Under school district click “Philadelphia Charter Sch Dist

  5. Click “Next”

  6. Your Username will be Capital first initial and Capital last initial and full last name. For example, James Curtiss will be JCurtiss 

  7. Everyone’s password is 12345 (If your username does not work, email me at, or get on Zoom from 1pm - 2pm daily during my office hours.)


Below you will find your instructions in order to complete your assignments.   


  1. Click on assignments and go to Introduction to Forces.

  2. Scroll down each page and type your responses into the text boxes.

  3. Scroll left to right to read and respond to the text boxes on all pages.

  4. Scroll to the right to “Take it Further.” 

  5. Click on Roller Coaster Restraints.

  6. Read the paragraphs and respond in the text boxes.

  7. Do not complete the Hands On Lab under Observe Everyday Forces.

  8. Collaborate with at least 3 peers from any 8th grade classroom and record their answers for at least 5 questions. (Any 5 questions from this assignment)


  • All answers submitted should be written in complete sentence format

  • All responses should be completed by 4/5/20 by 2pm






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