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Ms. Lewis-El

ReadingWelcome to the Reading Room!Reading


For the 2019-2029 school year, we are excited to use the EngageNY/Expeditionary Learning ELA Curriculum! We feel like this comprehension, Common Core standards-aligned curriculum will compel students to think more deeply and independently about texts and the world around us. Embedded in the new curriculum is:

  • Appropriately rigorous texts
  • Close reading strategies, encouraging students to read a text multiple times with a specific purpose in mind for each read
  • Inherent, current research-based best reading practices
  • Frequent assessments to drive instruction
  • Student- and  process- centered instruction, students do the bulk of the intellectual heavy-lifting and are encouraged to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from the mistakes
  • Total participation techniques, engages all students through the lesson
  • Built-in differentiation wherein students can learn the same skill multiple ways, so they have a toolbox of strategies available when they need to use reading skills



Contact Ms Lewis-El

School Phone:
215-878-1544 ext 147