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Ms. Bryan

Welcome to my RAPCS Teacher Page! 

My name is Kristi Bryan and I will be teaching 5th Grade Science for my fifth year at RAPCS!

I can be reached most effectively via e-mail at

Morning Meetings will be held daily (Monday - Friday from 8:30 - 9:00 AM ) via ZOOM using this link:

Meeting ID: 876 4276 1900               Passcode: 4bF8CM

Supply List: For Science class during our period of virtual learning you will complete all of your course work through Google Classroom on your school-provided laptop (or your own device.) However, while we are working in a virtual manner, you may find yourself wanting to use paper and a writing utensil to write down a problem or sketch out a design idea.

Therefore, it is my suggestion that each student acquire at least one ream of paper, one pack of #2 pencils, and one pencil sharpener in the event that you need writing instruments it to aid you in completing your work while at home. A small, individual white board with dry erase markers would also be sufficient for this purpose but it is absolutely not required for this class!!

- Ms. Bryan 

Ms Bryan

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