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Mr. Ames History Research Paper guidelines


The 8th grade final project is to complete a research paper on any topic we’ve covered in class over this school year.



  • 3-5 Pages (not including the works cited/cover page)

TYPED, 12 pt. font, double spaced

  • 5-8 Sources minimum -Only Three of the sources may be websites -The remainder of sources can be from books, magazines, articles, etc.


Thesis Statement- A thesis statement is a one or two sentence statement that tells the reader what your paper will discuss. It will appear either in the middle of your introduction paragraph or mostly commonly, at the end of the paragraph.


Works Cited Page- The works cited page is a list of ALL the sources you have used in your paper. They should be from a variety of places and be cited properly (MLA formatted).


Works Cited Cards-For each source, you must fill out an index card. This card should be filled out and contain the same information that you will put on your works cited page. Make sure to number each card.


Note Cards- Note cards will go along with the works cited cards. On each ‘note card’ you will take notes and quotes from whatever source you are using. You MUST put the number of the works cited card that you got the information from on the note card. Only include one chunk of information on one card. Put a topic on the top of the note card to help in your organization. If you copy something directly from a source (you don’t put in your own words first) make sure to put quotations around it so that you do not forget to do so on your paper. Try either summarizing or paraphrasing from the article to avoid plagiarism.


Outline- An outline will help you to organize your paper and make sure all information is in the right spot. You will turn the final outline in with your final draft. See an example included to learn how to complete your outline.


Title Page- The title page contains the title of the paper (Centered) on the top of the page. The name, number, date, subject, and assignment should appear in the top right corner of the page.


Header - On each page of your research paper, you must include the header. The header is usually in the top right hand corner and is your last name and the page number. Your title page is NOT page number one, the first page of actual typing (intro, body, conclusion) are the pages to be numbered.





Grading Rubric/Due Dates

May 19th- Works Cited/Bibliography cards (50 pts) & Note Cards (50 pts) are due!!

May 22nd- Thesis Statement (50 pts) is due!

May 29th- Rough Draft (75 pts) is due!

June 9th- Outline (75 pts) & Final Paper (100 pts) are due!

Total Points: 400 points


Video on making bibliography cards from internet sources-

Video on making bibliorgraphy cards from a book-

Video on making a note/research card-