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Ms. Daniel

End of The Year Projects!


All classes are working on end of the year projects. The student will complete a project in each subject. The projects will consist of several components. All of the components will need to be included and complete.

Science- Students will be creating their own Scientist. Using their made-up facts about their scientists, the students will write a biography. They will create a model an invention or discovery made by their scientist. They will then create an experiment to test the invention or discovery. 

Literacy- Students will read the book Frindle by Andrew Clements. As they read, they will complete vocabulary packets, comprension packets, and character maps. They will be quizzed weekly on the content of the book. When the book is complete, the students will come up with a fake name for an ordinary object. The students will then write a commercial to advertise the object as a new product. Finally, they will package their product for selling.

Mathematics- Students will learn about how to take a survey and then record and analyze the results of the survey. They will start with a sample survey of the students within their own classroom. They will then practice recording the results. They will use two different methods for recording the data. Finally, the students will survey students within the whole 6th grade and record the results. 

The goal is for these projects to keep the students engaged, learning, and having fun until the end of the year.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the projects.


Thank you.

Ms. Daniel

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