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Welcome to U.S. History 

with Ms. Drinks 

Supplies needed for class: 

  • Laptop (already provided) 
  • Open work space 
  • Pens- black or blue 
  • # 2 Pencils (sharpener if needed) 
  • Notebook (2) 
  • Highlighters 

Agenda for the FIRST 21 DAYS OF SCHOOL 

August 31st – September 3rd 

  • Introduction
  • Ice Breaker (Scavenger Hunt) 
  • Zoom Expectations
  • Attendance 
  • Morning Meeting 

September 7th – Spetember 10th 

  • How to navigate Google Classroom 
  • How to submit assignments correctly 

September 14th – Spetember 17th 

  • How to access/create Google Docs
  • How to access/create google Slides 

September 21st – September 24th (Learning Platforms) 

  • Introduction to Freckle 
  • Introduction to Pearson Realize 
  • Introduction to Pixton 

September 28th – October 1st 

  • Receiving Emails 
  • Sending Emails 
  • Schedule Appointments for Friday’s Office Hours 


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