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Fifth Grade

5th Grade -Notes 

The Elements of Art:

Line – Shape – Color – Value – Form – Texture – Space

Hue:  another name for color.

Color Wheel:  the arrangement of color in a circular, ordered way.

Primary Colors (1st): (red, yellow, blue) three colors used to create all other colors.  

Bonus: These colors can not be made by mixing any other colors.

Secondary Colors (2nd): (green, orange, purple) a color that is formed by mixing two primary colors.

Cave Art:  People of the Stone Age painted on cave walls using pigments made from minerals and dirt, as well as charcoal.  They recorded their experiences, stories, and ideas on cave walls.

Line – (Element of Art) a point moving in space

Value – (Element of Art) the lightness or darkness of tones or colors

Optical Illusion Art (Op Art) – art that deceives the eye/brainby appearing to                                                   be other than it is.

The Scream:  painting of the screaming man.

Edvard Munch:  artist who painted The Scream.

Shape - a two-dimensional area made by enclosing a line.

Organic Shape - a free-form, natural shape that is unpredictable (leaf, tree, blob)

Geometric Shape - a man-made shape with a clear edge (circle, square, rectangle)

Bonus:  Henri Matisse

Value: the lightness or darkness of tones or colors

Pattern:  made in art when the same shapes or elements are repeated; decorates surfaces.

Sugar Skulls:  colorfully decrated skulls used to honor those missed.

Dia de los Muertos:  Day of the Dead, celebrated in communities around the world.

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