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Eighth Grade


8th Grade - Notes

The Elements of Art:

Line - Shape - Color - Value - Form - Space - Texture

The Principles of Design:

Balance - Contrast - Emphasis - Pattern - Unity - Movement - Rhythm

50 Natural and Recycled Materials to Repurpose in the Art Room

Recycled/Repurposed Materials

Cardboard Boxes
Packing Peanuts
Bubble Wrap
Bottle Caps
Baby Food Jars
Milk Cartons
Old Greeting Cards
Egg Cartons
Pop Tabs
Old T-Shirts
Plastic Bags
Paper Towel Tubes
Toilet Paper Tubes Wrapping Paper Tubes Cereal and Cracker Boxes Newspaper
Laminator Scraps
Old Records and CDs
Old Silverware
Plastic Utensils
Wooden Chopsticks
Old Electronics Magazines
Old Books
Hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, etc) Takeout Containers

Natural Materials

Leaves Twigs Reeds Wood Chips Bark Rocks Pebbles Acorns Shells Sand Feathers Pinecones Seed Pods Seeds Fruit Pits Cotton Empty Nests Gourds Moss Flowers

Hue:  another name for color.

Primary Colors (1st): (red, yellow, blue) three colors used to create all other colors.  

Bonus: These colors can not be made by mixing any other colors.

Secondary Colors (2nd): (green, orange, purple) a color that is formed by mixing two primary colors.

Tertiary Colors (3rd): color formed by mixing a primary and a secondary color together.

Pattern:  made in art when the same shapes or elements are repeated; decorates surfaces.

Medium:   a tool used to make art (markers, paint, paper, clay, etc.)       

Portrait:  a picture of a person

Self Portrait:  a picture of the artist creating the work

Critique:  the discussion or evaluation of visual art.

v    Abstract Art – art that does not attempt to represent reality, but achieves its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures.
v    Mixed Media Art – a technique involving the use of a   combination of media or materials.

Line – (Element of Art) a point moving in space

Value – (Element of Art) the lightness or darkness of tones or colors

Optical Illusion Art (Op Art) – art that deceives the eye/brainby appearing to                                                   be other than it is.

Horizon Line:  1)the viewer's eye line. 2) land meets sky

Vanishing Point:  spot on the horizon line where all lines meet/disappear



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