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Homework Calendar - James Curtiss - Homework Calendar

8th Grade Real-World Math Project

Week 1: Introduction to Careers and Budgets (Rating Consumer Products)
Week 2: Career Planning
(Name of career, basic duties, education required, skills for career, median annual salary, licenses/certs required)

Week 3: Interesting aspects of career, top 3 industries that employ this career, top 10% earnings, lowest 10% earnings, typical work schedule, areas or regions that demand occupation
Week 4: College Costs and Analysis (colleges that offer programs related to your career, cheapest/expensive colleges)

Week 5: Budget 1 (Checks and Balances, Apartment/Home, Vehicle, and Entertainment)

Week 6: Budget 2 (Salary and Taxes)

Week 7: Assets and Liabilities (Savings, retirement, 401k, debt, home, businesses, etc.)

Week 8: Optional: Design of a Business Card on Poster