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Black History Project

Mr. Ames History

Power Point – Black History Project  


Your assignment is to create a Power Point Slide Show on Google Slides about one of the following Black History Historical events/topics.


Dred Scott Case

Plessy vs. Ferguson case

Harlem Renaissance

Brown vs. Board of Ed.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Little Rock Central High School Integration

Birmingham Church Bombing

March on Washington

Freedom Rides of 1961

Sit-in movement and founding of SNCC

Freedom Summer & Mississippi murders

The Rise of Black Power


You will have 3 class periods to complete this project.  Your project must contain 7-10 slides.  The first slide should be your title slide and include (name, class section, topic, & an image).  The remaining slides will include the info listed below.  Each slide should contain no more than 4-5 bullet points.  Each slide must also contain at least 1 image.  Your project must contain the following information:


  • Location where the historical event took place
  • Previous events/circumstances that led to the event that you are researching
  • What happened/occurred in the event
  • People involved in the event & what role did they play
  • What affect did this event have on American race relations
  • What was the end result/outcome of this event
  • What affect did this event have on black America during that time & in future decades.


This project will count as a project/test grade & 3 classwork grades.