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Vocabulary Unit 1: All Summer in a Day, The Landlady, and A Lamb to the Slaughter


These words are from the short stories “The Landlady” and “A Lamb to the Slaughter” Click here to practice the words on!

Word                              Definitions

Vital______________Necessary to Life

Compounded______Made up of two parts

Frail______________Easily broken or destroyed; fragile

Blemish                A defect or flaw; something ruins the appearance

Corridor                A hallway or passage connecting parts of a building

Emanate               To flow out of; to come into the open

Linger                   To stay longer than usually, usually to put off leaving

Tantalizing            Something that interests you or gives you a strong desire

Hearth                  The floor of a fireplace, usually stone or brick

Compulsion           A strong urge to do something, usually a behavior that is unusual.

Peculiar                 Strange or odd

Dithering              Trembling; a state of worried excitement or fear.

Punctually            Not late; on time

Congenial             Agreeable or pleasant to be around

Extraordinary       Out of the ordinary, beyond what is usually expected