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5th- 8th RAPCS Art Class Syllabus

Welcome to art class at Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School.

Please read all the information below to know what to expect this school year.

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Course Description:

Students will produce artwork in two and three dimensional forms. Students will become familiar with drawing tools and techniques, art history, color theory, painting, portraiture, collage, and either painting and/or sculpture.  The focus is on the Elements of Art, as well as The Principles of Design.  Each project will be planned in the sketchbook.


Grading Procedures:
Grades will be determined by daily work and finished projects.  Each project requires planning and preparation in the sketchbook, which is worth 20% of the final grade. This includes “Do Now” work, art vocabulary, plans, sketches, and homework.  Exit passes/quizzes will be given at the end of a project.  Final projects are 80% of the grade.


Art Class Information/Requirements:

Pencil & Eraser – required for every class.

Sketch Book/Art Journal – each student is required to use the book each class

Old Shirt/Art Apron – To protect the uniform, you may want to use an old shirt or apron:  students may store these in the art classroom

Homework – Students will be issued homework each week.

Class work – a class work grade is given every class, and includes participation and effort

Projects – are done in class, unless otherwise announced

Tests/Quizzes – will be announced, posted on the white board, and included in the presentations, as well as posted on the teacher website.


Art Studio Expectations

  • Arrive prepared and READY to work.
  • NO food, gum, drinks, or phones allowed.
  • Enter quietly, sit, and begin the Do Now.
  • RESPECT everyone, the studio, and the art supplies.
  • Raise your hand if you would like to talk. (use signals)
  • Silence during directions.
  • Stay in your seat.
  • Work quietly and be RESPONSIBLE.
  • ALWAYS help with clean up.
  • Keep your hands to yourself and your own artwork.


Art Studio Consequences

1st Offense - Verbal/Non-verbal warning (name written down)

2rd Offense – Fines, change of seat, and think sheet completion

4th Offense – Fines/Phone call/meeting with parent or guardian/Detention

5th Offense - Referral to the Climate Office.


Thank you,

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Amy Henderson

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