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Of Mice and Men Vocabulary

Of Mice and Men Unit 1 Vocabulary Words

Recumbent: Lying down; reclining

Reprehensible: Very bad behavior that deserves criticism

Mollify: To make someone feel less angry and upset about something

Derogatory: Insulting and disapproving

Brusque: Using very few words in a way that seems impolite

Receptive: Willing to listen to new ideas and new opinions

Stake: Something of value to you that you may lose if a plan or action is not successful; to have an important part or share in a business or plan

Overtones:  Implications or hints

Imperious: Giving orders and expecting to be obeyed

Ominous: Making you feel that something bad is going to happen

Pantomime: A method of performing using only actions and not words; a play performed using this method

Morose: Unhappy, silent, and in a bad mood

Relish: To enjoy something

Proceed: To happen or exist before something else

Subdue: To control someone, especially by using force

Of Mice and Men: Unit 2 Vocabulary

Pugnacious: Eager and ready to fight

Skeptically: To doubt or question something

Stocky: Heavily and solidly built

Bemused: Deep in thought

Cowering: To shrink and tremble from fear

Crouched: To bend low

Derision: Made fun of

Sarcastically: In a mean way; mockingly

Aloof: Distant or removed

Appraised: Judged

Arouse: To excite

Contemptuously: Disapproving

Mauled: Torn; worn-out; to treat roughly

Meager: Of poor quality or small amount

Scornful: Feeling of contempt for someone or something

Monotonous: Flat with no expression

Sullenly: Sadly; in a depressing and gloomy way

Writhed: Twisted, usually in pain

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