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English Language Arts

Title:  Process of Becoming a Citizen                                                                      Date: 4/09/18

          5th Grade - Social Studies/ELA

          4th Quarter Project                                                            



Project Timeline Itinerary

●       Week 1  4/30-5/4 2018 -  Introduction to Chapter 12 “Peopling Pennsylvania

           Students will begin reading chapter 12  Lesson 1 on pages 266-272.

-        Introduce lesson 1 vocabulary

-        Students will complete Memory Master Ch 12 Lesson 1 pg 272

-        Exit Ticket

Social Studies Assignments

Cultural Scavenger Hunt

Explain to students that Pennsylvania is made up of people with a variety of cultures. All of these cultures make Pennsylvania a more interesting place to live. Encourage students to think about the variety of cultures that exist in their own families and classroom. Have students complete the Cultural Scavenger Hunt activity page. Students should take this page around the classroom and have people sign their names in a box that describes them. When students have completed their activity page, lead a class discussion about the benefits of having a variety of cultures in the classroom (Due Date 4/30)


Social Studies Journal Entries

Journal Assignment 1-

Students will write a one page journal entry. This entry will be a Goodbye letter to their family. The students will pretend they are migrating from Germany to the United States of America.

Imagine you live in Germany and have decided to move to The United States of America. Write a one page goodbye letter to your family. (Explain why you left)  (Due 5/1/18)

Push-Pull Stories

 Divide students into groups of four. Instruct each group to read the push-pull stories on pages 266–277 of the Student Edition. When they are done, discuss the difference between the two types of stories as a class. What is the difference in the mood of each story? What were the reasons in the stories that people left their homes to come to America? Instruct each group to brainstorm and write a push story and a pull story. When they are finished, encourage each group to read its stories to the class

New Americans Activity

Have students go online to the PBS website to the feature New Americans. On this site, students can meet immigrants and refugees who came to the  United States by reading their stories and learning about their cultures. A link to this site can be found  at

 ELA Journal entries

Read Chapters 1-6 over the course of the first week.

-Students will participate in popcorn reading;

- Read aloud

-Students will work on matching vocabulary activity

- Chapter 1-6 comprehension worksheet.

- Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer


Journal Assignment 1-

Students will write a one page journal entry about what the Statue of Liberty means to them.  (Due 5/3/18)

●       Week 2   5/7/- 5/11/2018  Extension of Chapter 12

-        Students will read Ch 12 Lesson 2 on pgs 273-277

-        Introduce Lesson 2 vocabulary

-        Students will complete Lesson 2 Memory Master on  pg 277  (Due on 5/7/18)


Social Studies Assignments- Statue of Liberty

Students will become familiar with the history, significance,and physical facts of this famous landmark/sculpture.

In this lesson students will learn about The Statue of Liberty is an important tribute to American values of freedom and independence. In this video, you’ll learn about key people and events from the history of the statue’s construction. You’ll also see how specific parts of the statue’s design symbolize liberty for all.

Students will watch a Flocabulary about the “Statue of Liberty”, following the video teacher will have a quick review of the video.

Vocabulary Activity: Copy and define vocabulary words

Statue of Liberty Activity:

Part One:Student will identify the various parts of the statue and what they represent.

Part Two: Imagine that you have been asked to create a statue to welcome new people to your country. What would your statue look like? In the box below, design your statue. Then, write about your design. Include details about what each feature represents.

Social Studies Journal Entries

Journal Assignment 2-

My favorite things!

Many immigrants carried their belongings with them when they left  their homes. Imagine if you need to leave your country in an hour (to avoid danger from war, horrible weather etc). You can only fill a pillowcase!  (Due 5/10/18)

Write a one page response to the following questions.

1.     What would you bring? And Why?

2.     What would you leave? And Why?

ELA Assignments

-        Read Chapters 7-13

-        Students will complete the comprehension sheet for chapter 7-13

-        Writing with the Five Senses Activity

-        Personification: Students will find two examples of personification from chapter 7 and they will illustrate what that looks like to them.

Journal Assignment 2-

Students will write a one page journal entry about what their dreams and goals are once they get to America. They will describe in detail what they would like to happen. (Due 5/11/18)


●       Week 3   5/14-5/18/18

Social Studies Assignments


Create Your Own Passport

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of a passport and the origins of the passport. Students will have an opportunity to apply that knowledge and create their own passport. (Due 5/18/18)

Virtual Trip to Ellis Island

Student will will take a Virtual Tour of Ellis Island:

Students will follow in the immigrants' footsteps by taking this tour. You'll hear first-hand stories told by people who came through Ellis Island; see historical photographs and films; read fascinating facts; and discover the central role this station played in the story of American immigration.

Timeline Activity:

Students will be given an opportunity to answer twenty questions from an Ellis Island Timeline.

Answer must be in complete sentences.  (5/14/18)

ELA  Assignments

Journal Assignment #3

Students  will write a one page journal entry explaining what this word means to them? They will have to choose from a short list of nine words. Those words are; 1. Alien, 2. Hope, 3. Newcomer, 4. Outsider, 5. Expedition, 6. Native, 7. Home, 8. Foreigner, 9. Freedom (5/16/18)

●       Week 4  5/21-5/25 2018 

 Social Studies Assignments


Option 1          Create A Skit    Due on 5/25/18

            Create and Reenact a skit from the book Orphan of Ellis Island.

             Students will be in groups of 4 and choose a scene from the book. Once the scene has been chosen they will write it as a script and reenact the scene from the book. Students will be:

❏      Create dialogue for various plots. 

❏      Analyze dramatic elements that create mood. 

❏      Identify motives and objectives of characters in a story. 

❏      Demonstrate how character motives influence actions and outcomes.

❏      Identify: Setting, Conflict, Events, and Dialogue


Option 2   Becoming  a Citizen

               Students can recreate the experience of what it is like to become a citizen in the past and what the process is like to become a citizen today.

●       Define Citizenship as stated in the Fourteenth Amendment.

●       Describe the process of becoming a naturalized citizen. Ten Steps to becoming a citizen

●       Explain the promises that are part of the Oath of Allegiance

●       Evaluate the impact of the naturalization process on society,government,or the political process

ELA Assignments

Journal Assignment #4

Students will write a one page journal entry about Who they are? They will describe their characteristics and what makes them THEM!  (Due 5/22/18)