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Social Studies Project – Create a Vacation

Students can work alone or with a partner.  A modern country that exists in an ancient place that we studied will be provided to each student.

  1. Create a Travel Brochure (History, Culture, Food, Sports and activities, Places of interest)
  2. Pretend to go on a 5-Day Vacation (airline, hotel, restaurants, activities, etc.)
  3. Daily Journal Entry describing what you did and saw each day of the vacation
  4. Create a PowerPoint highlighting Current Events in the country
  5. Present Current Events to the class using your PowerPoint.
  6. Write a poem or rap about the country (10 line minimum)
  7. Write a 5-paragraph informational essay on what you learned about that country.  Complete a graphic organizer before writing the final paper.
  8. Final presentation (poster board, diorama, powerpoint) that includes information from each part of the project.  Be prepared to discuss your experience on your “vacation” and whether or not you would recommend that location.