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Puberty and Male Anatomy

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Male Puberty

1.____________________ is when a child changes into an adult.

2. You will grow _________________ than any other time in your life.

3. ______________________ goes through puberty.

4. Typically, boys begin puberty between the ages of ____ and ____, but everyone is ________________.

5. The brain releases a special ________________ called _______________ to signal the start of puberty.

6. The male hormone,____________________, causes the body to mature and to prepare for reproduction.

7. List 3 changes that occurs during puberty________________________________________________


8. The _____________________ are the primary reproductive organs. Their two most important functions are producing _________________________ and secreting the hormone _________________.

9. Growth of the testes is the ______________ physical sign of puberty in boys.

10. Testosterone helps to maintain a feeling of ______________________,  helps maintain healthy ______________________ and _______________, and maintain sex drive, sperm ____________, and fertility.

11. When _______________ combines with the egg, a new individual is created.

12. Sperm is made ___________________ ________once puberty is reached.

13. Semen is a fluid that comes out of the penis during _________________________.

14. An erection occurs when the spongy internal tissue in the penis is filled with ___________________.

15. The formal name for a wet dream is a ______________________________.

16. Masturbation should only occur in appropriate ______________________and _________________.

17. After a boy’s genitalia begins to grow, ________________ hair will grow shortly after.

18. Pubic hair is also referred to as _____________________________ hair.

19. There is a large ____________________in the amount of body hair among adult men, and significant differences in ______________________ and quantity of hair growth among ethnic groups.

20. Voice change is dependent on how large a boy’s _____________________________grows.

21. Compared to girls, height growth accelerates more ________________________and lasts ________________________ resulting in a taller adult stature than females.

22. ______________________and _________________________experience growth first followed by the arms and legs and finishing in the trunk.

23. By the end of puberty, adult men have __________________________bones and nearly ____________________________ as much skeletal muscle as women.

24. The secretion of oil, also called______________________________, from the skin can result in acne.

25. Males can get cancer of the testicles so it is important to do a _______________________________ once a month in the shower.

Using the list below, list each change occurring during puberty in the corresponding space for social, emotional, and physical.

Hormones are raging                                                                     May want to try more and riskier things

May have more conflict with parents                                              Voice cracks

Might start thinking, “Who Am I?” – try to define yourself as a person

Wet dreams                                                          Muscle growth                                     Voice deepens

Spontaneous erections                       Mood swings – you feel great one minute, and then really sad or angry the next

Anxiety and stress                               Peer pressure increases                    Might have hard time making up your mind

Feel unsure a lot Feel “paranoid” – everyone’s looking at/talking about you

More interested in being with friends                 Intense feelings               Sweat starts to smell

Feel self-conscious about how your body looks

Start to become interested in others as more than friends/finding a boyfriend or girlfriend.











































What do you think is the single hardest thing about going through puberty? What is the greatest benefit of reaching physical adulthood? Explain each of your choices.











What is the relationship between hormones and changes taking place in your body?


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