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Female Puberty

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1.Puberty is when a girl changes into a women and her body begins to ______________________.

2.Girls start puberty between the ages of _______________and _______________________.

3.The _____________ releases a hormone to start puberty called gonadotropin which reaches the pituitary gland.

4. The hormone that causes a girl’s body to mature and prepare for pregnancy is __________________.

5. Some girls will grow up to __________inches in one year.

6. Other changes occur besides height including bodies become ___________________and weight gain in the ___________________.

7. Hair will grow under the _________________and in _____________________areas.

8. The face may get __________________because of oil.

9.________________________is caused by overactive oil glands in skin and clogged pores.

10. Body will get wider, especially the ______________.

11. A ________________________ is part of a woman’s natural cycle, the menstrual cycle.

12. During a period a girl may experience pain below the waist called__________________, backaches, headaches, and be __________________________.

13. The menstrual cycle typically last ______________________days but could be shorter or longer.

All boys and girls will eventually go through puberty. Next to each change, mark down if it happens to a boy, a girl, or both.

Grow taller

Skin gets oily


Voice changes

Hair grows on face

Hair grows in armpits

Hair gets oily

Hair grows on genital

Sweat gland develops

Breasts develop

Hips get wider

Shoulder gets wider

Start producing sperm

Penis grows bigger

Testicles get bigger

Body starts producing sex hormones

Nocturnal emissions

Erections happen for no reason

Sperm can be released from the penis

Start releasing eggs

Menstruation begins

Modd swings

Sexual thoughts

Sexual feelings

Vaginal discharge

Can become interested in having boyfriend or girlfriend

Friendships become more important

Sometimes feel lonely and confused

Want more independence

Concerned about appearance

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