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Penncrest High School-Summer Health Class Syllabus

Course Description: We will increase awareness and knowledge of healthy lifestyles and risky behaviors for teenagers into adulthood. Our class will cover body systems, aging, diseases, nutrition, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, safety, consumer health, human sexuality, stress management, and mental illness including depression and suicide prevention.  The goal is for each student to become an advocate for their own health and the people around them.

Expectations: The expectations for this class are built upon respect. Students will be expected to show respect for the teacher, their peers, and themselves. Students are expected to use appropriate language and not be judgmental. Students are expected to complete all of their work to the best of their ability.

Course Evaluation:

  • 25% Class work/Homework
    • All classwork is listed in assignments. All classwork not finished will be assigned as homework unless changed by teacher.
  • 35% Projects
    • All projects are in italics and underlined in assignments
  • 40% Test and quizzes
    • All tests and quizzes are in bold and underlined in assignments

Class Material: Please bring your Chromebook and pen/pencil to each class. Students will use their Chromebook for only class related work. Do not use cell phones and other devices during class time.


Class Schedule-May change


Material Covered


June 25-Lesson 1

Introduction to class

Why study health?

Body Systems

Stress Management

Why study health worksheet

Body systems worksheet

10 Ways to improve health

Addicted to your phone

June 26-Lesson 2



Body Systems Test

Diseases Worksheet

Diseases Presentation

Aging Worksheet

June 27-Lesson 3


Nutrition Worksheet

Food Sort

Your diet

How much do I need?

Plan a menu


How much sugar is in my drink

Cereal Comparison


Exercise Log

June 28-Lesson 4


Nutrition Worksheet

Food safety




Fast Foods

Nutrition Project

June 29-Lesson 5


Nutrition Project

Nutrition Test

Hungry For Change Reflection

July 2-Lesson 6

Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs

Peer Pressure

Alcohol Statistics

Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol Withdrawal


The brain and drugs

Synthetic Drugs



July 3-Lesson 7

Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs

Cocaine, meth, heroin, MDMA worksheet

Prescription Stimulants

Addiction and Genes

Recovery from Addiction

Stressed Out

Natural High Reflection Project

July 4

No class


July 5-Lesson 8

Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs

Consumer Health

Unguarded Reflection Project

Health Care worksheet

July 6-Lesson 9


Drugs Test

Consumer Health Test

Safety/First Aid Worksheet

Driving Safety

Public Service Announcement-Project

Goals Project

July 9-Lesson 10

Human Sexuality

Safety Test

Sexual Orientation

Addressing Discrimination

How to be an activist/ally

Gender Identity and Gender Expression

Class Reflection

July  10-Lesson 11


Human Sexuality

Abstinence, Contraception, STD, and Pregnancy Worksheet


Pregnancy Preparation


July 11-Lesson 12

Suicide Prevention and Depression

Human Sexuality Test

July 12-Lesson 13

Suicide Prevention and Depression


July 13-Lesson 14

Final Class

Public Service Announcement Presentation


Happy Reflection



***Each student will sign up for one day to present a current health topic in the news starting June 27.

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