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10 Scientific Ways to be Happy

10 Scientific Ways to Be Happier


What is the relation between exercise and depression? What did the study show?

What can exercise do about the way you view your body?

When recalling memories, what is the result of sleep deprivation?

In the study, what happened to people who took a nap compared to those who didn’t in regards to the effect on negative emotions?

According to George Vailant, what is the only thing that really matters in life?

According to the Journal of Socio-Economics, what is worth more than $100,000?

What can going outside for 20 minutes do?

According to the UPenn professor, what is the single most reliable momentary increase in well-being?

What can smiling help improve according to PsyBlog?

When is the highest peak in happiness when it comes to vacationing?

According to the study from MA General hospital, what parts of the brain grew and shrank after mediation for 8 weeks?

What can regular meditation do to the brain?

What is more likely to make you happy: a big house or short commute?

What can writing letters of gratitude do?

What are the 10 ways to make you happier according to the article?




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