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Nutrition Notes

Lesson 3-Nutrition

Build a Healthy Plate

Fill in the best answer as the instructor presents the slides. 

 1. List two reasons why eating a healthy diet is important.

2. MyPlate is a tool designed to help Americans __________________________________.

3. The MyPlate guidelines include _______________ food groups based off of the ___________________________________________________.

4. Everything you _______________and _______________matters when finding your healthy eating style.

5. List the three components of a healthy eating style.

6. According to MyPlate, how much of our plate should be fruits and vegetables?

7. The acronym SoFAS refers to foods that are high in So_ _ _ F_ _ _ and/or A_ _ _ _ S_ _ _ _ _. They are high in ______________ and low in ______________.

8. What mineral might contribute to hypertension if eaten in excess?

9. Complete these examples of healthy shifts you can make in your diet:

White Bread


 Whole Milk


10. The daily recommendation for physical activity is ________ minutes a day of ______________________ to ______________________ exercise

Energy Balance 

1. What provides energy for our bodies?

2. How is energy in food measured?

3. What 3 different nutrients provide us with energy?

4. What are the three different ways our bodies use energy?

5. Match the ways we use energy in the left column to the description in the right column (draw a line to connect them):

Basal Metabolism                             Needed for digestion

Physical Activity                                To stay alive

Thermic Effect of Food                    Needed for muscular work

 6. Describe “Energy Balance“

7. We should choose _______________-dense foods more often and try to consume less ______________ calories.

8. Why is physical activity important?

9. Explain how weight gain happens

10. How many calories are in a pound?

Rethink Your Drink

 1. ____ to ____% of total body weight is made up of water

2. List 3 important things that water does for the body:

3. ___________________ is the best drink to stay hydrated

 4. Which drink is more nutrient dense?

12 oz. 100% Orange Juice OR 12 oz. Orange Soda

12 oz. Cola OR 12 oz. Low-Fat milk

5. How many teaspoons of sugar are in a 20 oz. soda? 27 g x 2.5 servings = _____________ grams sugar in bottle ___________ ÷ 4 = _______________ teaspoons sugar in bottle

6. ___________________________ is an example of a drink with added sugar

 7. ___________________________ is an example of a drink without added sugar

8. After 60-90 minutes of exercise or participating in strenuous exercise you should replace…


1.If you skip breakfast, on average how long will your body go without eating?

2. Breakfast should supply what amount of key nutrients and calories for the day?

3. What choices help meet this guideline? What choices should you try to avoid?

4. What nutrients should breakfast include?

5. Breakfast cereals might have added _________________.

6. Why may skipping breakfast lead to weight gain later in the day?

7. How does breakfast contribute to performance in school?

8. Why might leftovers be a good breakfast?

Snack Wise

  1. What does the acronym S-N-A-C-K-S stand for?

How can you make simple shifts in snack choices for healthier options?

 2. What is the serving size for this food item? _________________

 3. How many servings are in the container? _________________

4. What percentage is considered to be low? _________________

 5. What percentage is considered to be high? _________________

6. What items on the label should have low percentages? _________________

 7. What items on the label should have high percentages? _________________

8. What is usually added to low-fat or fat-free products that ends up making the calories very close to the regular food product? _________________

Physical Activity

1. List three benefits of physical activity.

2. Define physical activity.

3. Skateboarding is an example of (circle one) a. low-intensity b. moderate-intensity c. high-intensity physical activity

4. How much time should you spend per day doing physical activity? _____________________________

5. Name the three types of physical activity and give an example of each. Type: ____________________ Example: ______________________ Type: _____________________

Example: ______________________ Type: ____________________

 Example: ______________________

6. Name 2 ways that you can be more physically active. ____________________ ___________________


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