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Drugs Assignment

Drugs  Assignment

  • Brain
  • Skin
  • Lungs
  • Mouth
  • Heart
  • Death

Using the link, learn more about how drug affects this part of the body. Click on the topic you choose. At the bottom of the next page are more links. Click on the videos and “More about Drugs”


  • What parts of the brain are effected most?
  • How does the brain communicate?
  • How do drugs affect the brain?
  • What is drug addiction and what are the risk factors?
  • What does the term habituation mean? How does it relate to drug use? (Click on blogs/videos)


  • What are the effects of steroids on the skin? What are the other effects of steroids on the body? Watch the video
  • What are the effects of methamphetamines on the skin? Take note of the pictures before and after shots
  • What are the effects of tobacco on the skin? Make note of the pictures comparing the twins


  • What are the different ways to use tobacco? Describe the consequences of each one
  • Click on the Occasional & Social Smoking Link at the bottom of the page. What should you know about smoking in even small amounts? What is  light smoking, intermittent smoking, and social smoking?
  • What are reasons to quit smoking or never start smoking?
  • Why is nicotine dangerous?


  • What is “meth mouth” and the “perfect storm”
  • What happened to Hailey after using meth?
  • What does the video “Eaten away” explain about meth?
  • What happened to Eric after using meth?
  • Click on Take Action at the top. What is the March Against Meth?


  • Describe the effects of stimulants, cigarettes, and inhalants have on the heart
  • Describe how the stimulated heart beat sounds from a person on stimulants to a regular heart beat
  • What are prescription depressants? What happens to your brain and body when you use depressants?
  • What is prescription drug misuse? What makes prescription drugs unsafe?


  • What is fatal slow down? Toxic breath? Crash warning?
  • How do drug overdoses happen?
  • How many teens overdose? Break down the different drugs
  • Why do certain drugs have more overdose deaths than others?
  • What is the link between drug use and viral infections?



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