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Drugs-Day 2 Activities and Notes

Marijuana-Follow Along

Any repeated pattern used for coping before age 25 is considered…

What conditions make the risk for addiction higher?

What are 3 steps to healing brain pathways?

Marijuana today may contain THC levels up to what percent?

What is synthetic marijuana?

What are the positives of legalizing marijuana?

What are the negatives?

Science shows that smoking marijuana on a regular basis can impair development of the teen brain, lower IQ, and also increase the risk for addiction. But recent studies show that fewer young people now think marijuana is harmful than in the past. To find out more, study the graph below and then answer the questions that follow.



  • 1. a) According to the graph, around what year did high school seniors increasingly start thinking of marijuana as harmful? When did this trend change?


  • 1. b) When did past-year use of marijuana among high school seniors begin to rise?


  • 2. According to the graph, how does understanding the harms of marijuana affect use?



  • 4. Referring again to the article, why might teens today be confused about how safe marijuana is?


Opiate-Follow Along


Why do teens use drugs?

After taking opiates, what happens to opiate receptors?

How should someone get prescription drugs?

How can prescription drugs be fatal?

How does addiction happen?

What is oxycontin? What is its relation to heroin?

What are other pain killers?

What is heroin?

What happens when someone comes down from heroin?

What is fentanyl? What is its relation to heroin?

What are the Delaware Country statistics?

Using prescription drugs increases your risk for heroin by how much?

How can you be safe?


What is cocaine?

What are the 2 forms of cocaine?

What happens when someone forms a tolerance to a drug like cocaine?

What happens after the “high” wears off?

How is the body affected by cocaine use?

When can cocaine be deadly?

Using cocaine puts a person at risk for what problems?

What are the withdrawal symptoms of stopping use of cocaine after becoming addicted?

If someone has a problem with drug use, where can you go for help?


List 3 short term consequences of heroin.

List 5 long term effects of heroin.

What are the signs of a possible heroin overdose?

What drug can be given to reverse the effects of a heroin overdose?

What is potentially mixed with heroin when buying off the street? What can this drug do?

What percent of people who use heroin become addicted?

Why is it so hard to quit the addiction?


What is methamphetamine?

What type of drug is meth?

Why is meth classified as a Schedule II drug?

What are the short term effects of using meth?

What are the long term effects of meth?

How can meth cause people to die?


What is MDMA?

What type of drug is MDMA?

Why is MDMA classified as a Schedule 1 substance?

Is MDMA always MDMA? What might be actually sold?

What is serotonin and norepinephrine?

What are the negative after effects?

What is MDMA’s effect on the body?

How is MDMA potentially fatal?

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