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Natural High Reflection

Natural High Reflection

After watching the videos, choose 1 and answer the question.

David Wright

  1. David Wright's natural high is baseball. How does he describe the feeling of hitting a home run?
  2. David says that every choice we make has consequences, some good and some bad. Can you think of a choice that you made recently that had good consequences? Describe what choice you made and what happened.
  3. What goal did David have that helped him to stay free from drugs and alcohol? What is your goal for your future?
  4. What does David say is probably the best decision he's ever made?
  5. David says that you shouldn’t change your values or beliefs in order to make other people like you. What do you think he would say to a friend who was pressuring him to drink alcohol or use drugs?
  6. Does David match your expectations for a major-league baseball player? Why or why not?
  7. David says that baseball was an escape for him. Why do you think having a healthy escape is good for you?
  8. How did having three younger brothers affect David's behavior growing up? Do you have people in your life who look up to you as a role model?
  9. What character traits do you see in David that helped him to become a successful baseball player?
  10. How did David respond when friends started using drugs or alcohol? Why do you think he made that choice?
  11. In the interview, David says you shouldn't be a chameleon. What does that mean and why is being a chameleon bad thing?

Bethany Hamilton

  1. According to Bethany, what happens to people who start using “weed”?
  2.  Also, what usually happens when they get bored with weed?
  3.  Bethany lost her arm to a shark attack, which changed her life forever. She discusses how everyone has problems including school, family and other issues. Describe Bethany’s motivation to continue with her life and her natural highs despite her hardship.
  4. How can you use your natural highs to help you push forward and shoot for your goals in life?
  5.  Bethany was featured in a movie called Soul Surfer. What struggles did Bethany face in her fight to overcome her disability?
  6. When did Bethany start surfing?
  7. How did the shark attack change Bethany’s life?
  8.  Bethany had already set a goal for herself before losing her arm. What was that goal?
  9. What happened to a fellow competitor of Bethany’s who had great promise as a surfer?
  10. Name four of Bethany’s natural highs.


Jason Heyward

  1. What values do you apply to your life? By following them, how do you think they have improved your life?
  2.  Jason credits his family for being positive influences and giving him guidance growing up. Who are some role models in your life and why?
  3. Have you experienced a loss of a loved one or gone through a challenging time in your life? What did you do to get past it and what would you say to someone who is going through a hard time right now?
  4. What pieces of advice would you give to the future generations of America?
  5. Who does Jason Heyward list as some of his role models? What do these people do to take advantage of the gifts/ talents that were given to them?
  6.  What values were taught to Jason while he was growing up? What do you think the phrase “Manners will take you where money won’t” means?
  7. How does Jason view failure?
  8.  Who is Andrew Wilmott and how has he affected Jason? How does Jason demonstrate resilience?
  9. How did baseball motivate Jason to succeed in school?
  10.  What pieces of advice does Jason give to the future generations of America?

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