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Drugs Test

Name _________________________________________                          ATOD TEST


1.  _____  What is the leading preventable cause of death in the US?

A. Pill use     b.  tobacco use     c. alcohol use    


2. What is the best position to put someone who has alcohol poisoning?

A. On their back         B. On their side          C. Standing up


3.  _____ T/F  There are no risks to prescription pain medication if you follow the doctor’s instructions.


4.  _____  All of the following are appropriate ways to cope with stress except :

A. Meditate                B. Exercise                  C. Get support                        D. Take drugs


5.  _____ T/F  More teens smoke cigarettes now than did in the 90’s.


6.  _____ T/F  Marijuana is not addictive.


7.  _____ T/F  Studies have proven that marijuana lowers IQ.


8. _____ T/F Teenagers are more likely to make rational decisions than decisions based off emotion.


9. _____ T/F It is less likely for a teen to become addicted to marijuana as compared to an adult.


10._____ T/F In states where marijuana is legal for 21+ , teen use is above the national average.


11. _____ You can build a tolerance for all of the following drugs except:

A. Alcohol   B. Cocaine    C. Heroin D.  All of the above


12. What type of drug is created illegally in laboratories that can act like other drugs and be more powerful?

A. Opioids       B. Marijuana  C. Synthetic


13.  _____ T/F  Heroin use is on the rise due to the number of people addicted to prescription meds.


14. _____ Nalaxone (Narcan) reverses the effects of a _____________________ overdose.

A.  alcohol     b.  cocaine    C heroin


15.  _____ Doctors base the amount of a drug to be prescribed on

A.  age     B.  size     C.  medical history     D.  all of the answers


16. _____ The MOST abused prescription drugs are

A.  opioids    B . Stimulants     C. depressants.


17. _____ Binge drinking is defined as _____ or more drinks for a guy and _____ for a girl

A  4/5     B  10/8    C.  5/4


18. _____ Using prescription pain medication increases your risk for heroin use by how much?

A. 20x             b. 10x             c. 30x              d. 40x


19. _____ Zero tolerance for teens in PA in relation to blood alcohol content is…

A.  00   B.  .01    C.  .02    D.  .08


20.  _____What law encourages  teens to call for help when another teen is in trouble and provides amnesty to the caller?


  1. Teen Alcohol Law      b. Good Samaritan Law         c. John’s Law


21. ____Teens who binge drink are more likely to …

A. Get good grades                B. Become alcoholics             C. Have more friends



22. T/F  There is very little violence on college campuses that can be related to alcohol


23.  T/F Drunk driving is responsible for a death every 50 minutes in the US.


24. Using what type of drug will increase your risk for the most for heroin use?

A. Alcohol       B. Marijuana              C. Cocaine       D. Opioid pain killers


25. What neurotransmitter is released in the brain effecting how “happy” people feel after using drugs?

A. Epinephrine          B. Dopamine              C. Histamine


26. What happens to teen drivers when more teens are in the car?

A. Increase risky driving       B. Increase safe driving techniques


27. When drinking, teens are most likely to…

A. Sip slowly               B. Binge          C. Stop after one or 2


28. How many drinks can the liver safely handle per hour?

A. 1     B. 2      C. 3


29. What makes smoking cigarettes and e-cigs addictive?

A. Tobacco      B. THC             c. Nicotine


30.   T/F When you buy street drugs, you always get what you pay for.


31. List 3 symptoms of alcohol poisoning. What should you do if someone shows these signs?











32. List 4 factors for becoming addicted to a drug. State whether the factor is protective or a risk.











33. What are 3 negative consequences to using marijuana?

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