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Safety Worksheet

Untrained people in CPR should perform…

Trained people in CPR should…

Trained but rusty should perform…

CPR can keep oxygenated blood flowing to…

Before beginning CPR, make sure the environment is…

For CPR, C-A-B stands for…

When performing chest compressions, kneel…

When performing chest compressions, use your _____________to push down___________inches

Push at a rate of ________________________ a minute.

If you are trained, open the airway by using ______________________maneuver.

Give the rescue breath while pinching…

Continue CPR until…

What are the differences for children compared to adults for CPR?

Performing CPR on an infant use only 2__________ to press down in the middle of the chest.

The ratio of chest compressions to breaths is…

At what rate does CPR increase the victim’s chance of survival from cardiac arrest?

What is a cardiac arrest?

What is a heart attack?

What are the 5 chains in the chain of survival?

What are the signs of cardiac arrest?

What do you do if you recognize the signs of cardiac arrest?

What percentage of victims of cardiac arrest receives CPR from a bystander?

Where do you position your hands?

How many presses should you perform in one minute?

How many inches should the chest be compressed with each press?

How do you push down?

What does an AED do?

Before using the AED, what do you need to check? (What is the victim wearing? What is the victim lying in or next to?)

A heart attack is a _________ problem.

What are the symptoms of heart attack?

What should you do if you think you or someone is having a heart attack?

A stroke is also known as a __________attack

What are the symptoms of a stroke?

What does F-A-S-T stand for?

What should you do if someone has a stroke?

What is a seizure?

What is the disease called if you have two or more seizures or a tendency to have recurrent seizures?

What type of seizure starts in one part of the brain and the person might have their arm move or face twitch and seem to zone out then not remember what happened?

What is the other type of seizure?

What is the tonic phase?

What is the clonic phase?

What should you do if someone is having a seizure?

When should you seek medical help?-Give 2 times

What is hypoglycemia?

When medicating with insulin, a person must take into account…

Why would someone experience insulin shock?

Dizziness, Irritability, Moodiness or sudden changes in behavior, Hunger, Shakiness, Sweating, and Rapid heart beat are …

Fainting and unconsciousness, Seizures, Confusion, Headache, and Poor coordination are

If not treated, insulin shock can lead to…

What should you do is symptoms are mild?

What should you do if symptoms are severe?

Choking may cut off oxygen…

What is the universal sign of choking?

What are the signs of choking?-List 3

If the person can cough, what should you do?

If the person can’t cough or talk what should you do?

When delivering the back blows, use the ______________ and hit between the person’s _____________.

Abdominal thrusts are also known as …..

How do you perform abdominal thrusts?

If you are the only rescuer…

If another person is available…

If a pregnant woman is choking, place your hands…

If the person is unconscious, lower the person to the ground. If you can see the object…

If you can’t see the object…

You should be________ when performing back blows on an infant.

What does throw, don’t go mean?

Why should you wear a life jacket?

What are signs of secondary drowning?

What are the 3 types of heat-related syndrome?

Who can get heat related illnesses?

Heat cramps are brief muscle cramps causing …

How should you treat heat cramps?

If not treated promptly, heat exhaustion can lead to…

What are the symptoms of heat exhaustion?-List 3

How should you treat heat exhaustion?-List 3

When should you seek medical help?

What are some ways to prevent heat exhaustion? List 3

Heat stroke occurs when your core body temperature reaches…

Untreated heat stroke can lead to …

What are the symptoms of heat stroke?-List 3

What should you do if someone is experiencing these symptoms?

When should you call 9-1-1 if a burn occurs?

Regardless of how bad the burn is, do these two things immediately

What is a first-degree burn?

What are the steps to treat a first degree burn?

What is a second-degree burn?

What are the steps to treat a second-degree burn?

What are the steps for treating 3rd degree burns?

Internal bleeding is difficult to …

If someone is experiencing shock…

What are the symptoms of shock? List 3

What should you do if someone is in shock?

If someone breaks an arm or leg, put a splint to prevent …

Why does a compound fracture need immediate medical attention?

What should you do if someone swallow’s poison?

Poison on skin?

Poison in eye?

Inhaled poison?

Don’t induce…

What age group makes up 41% of all poison incidents?

Safe Driving Tips

What age group accounts for the most auto accidents?

Using a cell phone while studying is comparable to what?

If you text and drive, how long may you lose focus on the road?

Why should you not text while stopped?

Why should you always turn your headlights on?

What is a major contributor to fatal teen accidents?

Besides receiving a costly traffic ticket for being caught speeding, what else may happen?

What are different types of distractions while driving?

What can distractions do while you are driving?

Why should you drive solo as a teen?

What should happen with the distance between the car in front of you as you increase travel speed?

What should you look into when choosing a safe car?







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