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Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality

Safe Space Agreement

Come up with guidelines and boundaries to ensure everyone feels welcome to discuss sensitive topics for the rest of the week.

Terms and definitions

Discussion Questions-Guided Imagery

Write down how it would feel to live in a world like the one just described. Write down what those feelings might lead you to do if this was real.

How would it feel to have to hide something as important and as basic as your sexual orientation, (the sex of the people to whom you are romantically, emotionally, and physically attracted)?

What were the first things you remember learning about homosexuality?

What movie or television character have you recently seen that is GLBTQ? How has that affected your thinking?

Discrimination Activity

Create a list of all types of discrimination

When have you been discriminated against?

How can you stop discrimination in its tracks?

How to be an activist/ally Activity

  • How does homophobia and transphobia affect LGBTQ youth?
  • How does homophobia and transphobia affect straight youth?

Ways to be a LGBTQ Ally or Activist

Working in groups, see how many ideas you can come up with. Then, put a star by the ones that you, personally, are willing to take on to fight homophobia and transphobia and to show your respect for everyone, irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

  1. I can ______________________________
  2. I can ______________________________
  3. I can ______________________________
  4. I can ______________________________
  5. I can ______________________________

I Will Take on the Starred Actions.
I Can Be a LGBTQ Ally or Activist and Make My Voice Count!

Gender Identity and Gender Expression

  • What was this story about?
  • What is being transgender?
  • What obstacles faced Dallas?

    Why did it take Dallas a long time to become the person she wanted to be?

  • Have you ever felt sure that you wanted to be someone other than who you are (such as to be rich instead of poor, or to have a different skin color or different gender, or to be from a different family)? Were you able to tell anyone else how you felt? If so, how did they react? If you couldn't talk about how you felt, why not?



Reflect on our class today. Choose 3 questions to answer and elaborate on. Provide at least 1 paragraph to each question you choose.

  • Is it easy or difficult to speak up when your friends are discriminating against someone and you are present? Why?
  • Why is it important for people to take a stand when they see injustices?
  • What did you learn today that you could use in similar situations to stand up for yourself and your peers?
  • Did you learn anything today that surprised you?
  • Were you surprised about ways in which homophobia affects your life? The lives of your friends and family?
  • In view of what you know now, will you take action to oppose homophobia and transphobia when you witness them?

Your reflection will be counted as a project grade.

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