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Human Sexuality Test

Sex Ed Test                                            Name___________________________________________


1_____   Sperm should meet the egg here for pregnancy to occur.

a.  ovary   b.  fallopian tube  c.  uterus    d.  cervix


2______Place where eggs (ovum) are stored.

a.  ovary   b.  fallopian tube  c.  uterus    d.  cervix


3______ Place where the embryo/fetus grows.

a.  ovary   b.  fallopian tube  c.  uterus    d.  cervix


4______When an egg is released

a.  menstruation      b.  ovulation


 5  ______ T/F  Most women ovulate once a month.


 6   _____  Where sperm are stored to mature

   a.  Cowper’s gland  b.  epididymis  c.  urethra   d. vas deferens


7_______  The tube that carries semen from epididymis to urethra.

 a.  Cowper’s gland  b.  epididymis  c.  urethra   d. vas deferens


8.  _______  Fluid that protects sperm and is called pre-ejaculate.

a.  Cowper’s     b. prostate   c.  seminal vesicle


9.  ________ T/F  Pregnancy can only happen one day per month.


   10.  _______ T/F Minors in Pa can get an abortion without parent consent if they get a judicial bypass.


  11.  _______  T/F  There is no waiting period in PA.  In other words, if a girl goes to an abortion clinic she can get one immediately.


12.  _______  T/F  There is mandated counseling in PA.


13.  ________ T/F  A one-time early abortion is a relatively safe procedure.


14.  _______ T/F   Abortion is the only option for an unplanned pregnancy.


        _______ 15.  The most effective method of the following options.

        a.   IUD                 b.  natural                                      c. barrier          d.  withdrawal


        _______16.  The least effective method.

        a.   IUD                 b.  hormonal           c.  barrier          d.  withdrawal


        _______17.   __________use is the way most people use contraception.

       a.   perfect             b.  typical


        _______18.  The first FDA-approved emergency contraceptive to be available over the counter—without a prescription or ID, and with no age restriction.

        a.  morning after/PlanB/emergency hormone   b. implant


        _______ 19.  Which barrier method does not need a prescription?

        a.  cervical cap     b.  diaphragm      c.  condom


        _______20  T/F  The pill should be taken right around the same time every day for the most effectiveness.


     _______21.  The age groups where STDs are the most prevalent.

       a.  0-14                b.  15-24       c.  25-34      d.  35-44


     _______22.  The gender that is more likely to get a symptom from STDs.

       a.  Male               b.  Female


     ______23.  The BEST way to avoid getting a STD right now

       a.  no sexual contact     b.  monogamy    c.  condoms


     _______24. T/F  All STD’s can be cured.


     _______25.  T/F  Only vaginal sex can transmit STD’s.


     ______ 26.  Early onset sexual activity, exposure to HPV, and having multiple partners put a female more at risk for

     a.  breast cancer    b.  cervical cancer   


     _______27.  STD’s than can be cured with antibiotics if caught in time

     a.  Bacterial             b.  viral


     ______ 28.  T/F It is possible for a baby to be born with a STD if the mother has one.


     _______29.  T/F  Once you get an STD and get treated, you cannot get that one again.


     _______30.  Having sex with once person who is only having sex with you is

       a.  Mutual Monogamy   b.  High risk  



     _______31. T/F HIV many not show up in blood tests for up to 3 months.


     _______32. T/F  You can get HIV from one act of unprotected sex.


     _______33.  T/F Blood, Semen, Vaginal Fluid and Breast Milk are the only known fluids to transmit HIV.


     _______34.  T/F A person with HIV can look and feel well but still infect others.


     _______35.  T/F Condoms offer protection against HIV.


     _______36.  T/F Education should help reduce the spread of HIV.


     _______37.  T/F HIV testing incudes anonymous, confidential, and at home testing.


     _______38.  Victim under 16 having consensual sex with someone 4 or more years older.


  1. Statutory rape  B. Legal                   C. Rape


     ______ 39 Having sex with someone unconscious or unaware.

  1. Statutory rape  B. Legal                   C. Rape


     _______40. T/F  Alcohol is the number one date rape drug.


_________41. All birth control methods protect against STDs.



What are 3 ways to lower risk for STDs?  










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