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Ms. Harris

Expressive Arts Art Class

Spring 2020

Assignments 1 -3

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Instagram: @ms.harris_art

Hello all I hope all is well and that you are safe and sound. Over the past two weeks we have completed numerous assignments on Color Theory. Below you will find assignments one through three. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time from 8am- 4pm.

Assignment 1

Sir Issac Newton invented the color wheel in the early 1700s. Write a four paragraph essay about his invention. Why did Sir Issac Newton create the color wheel? What is color theory? What are the primary, secondary, complementary and Tertiary colors? Give an example where you have used the color wheel to make a decision. 


Assignment 2:

What is your favorite pair of shoes? To the best of your ability draw your favorite pair of shoes. Once your drawing is complete, color it and using only complementary colors from the color wheel. Remember no stick figures or scribbling allowed. Color with care and take your time!


Assignment 3:

Create your own fantasy world. Color it how you choose and make sure your drawing has a foreground, middleground and background! No stick figures or scribbling allowed and color with care!


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