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2020 - 2021 Parent Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

My name is Joyce Greene and I will be your child's math teacher for our Challenge Program this school year. Mathematics is my passion; I am committed to helping each one of my students develop a love, respect and appreciation for mathematical concepts.  Math is not only an important school subject, but more particularly an important subject for life. Therefore, I will ensure that I present math practically and with application to real world situations. 

In order to ensure that your student does well in class, please be sure that he/she comes prepared each and every day. Whether it is virtual instruction or face-to-face instruction, students will need a notebook, pencil, a positive attitude, and perseverance. 

To meet the needs of all students, students will be self-paced learning. Self-paced learning means that students will be able to move through the math content at their own pace. Students who use self-paced learning will use a chapter guide to guide their learning.

 The majority of the class will be self-guided, but there will also be live zoom lessons and one-on-one instruction.

Please feel free to contact me by email at with any questions. My goal is to provide your child with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that he/she needs to be successful this school year. Let’s work together to ensure that math and success are synonymous. The next few pages of this letter include my contact information, zoom expectations, Google Classroom expectations, and a supply list. 



Ms. Joyce Greene

5th and 6th grade math coach and Challenge Program math teacher

Contact Information


School Website:

Math Office Hours: Fridays 9:00am - 9:45 am

Supply List

  • Notebook or binder with loose leaf paper. Students will need a place to keep notes and to work out math problems. 

  • Pencils

Zoom Expectations

  • All classroom norms apply when in a Zoom session. In other words, if you wouldn't do it while in physical class, don't do it while in digital class. 

  • Use appropriate language when communicating within the classroom or while using the chat feature in zoom.

  • Be respectful at all times towards your peers, your teachers, and yourself.

  • Please dress appropriately. No pajamas, or clothing with inappropriate words or pictures.

  • Use your real name to log onto zoom

  • Be early or on time

  • Set up your device in a quiet area with good lighting and minimal distractions to participate in a Zoom session.

  • Students need to remain on mute while the teacher or classmates are speaking. One person speaking at a time.

  • Please use the Response Icon to raise a hand to be called upon as time permits for the participation. 

  • Verbal responses and group chat responses should be linked to a course content or concept covered in class specifically. 

  • Break Out Session Room Discussion must be structured and on topic.Students must take turns sharing their ideas with consideration given to other group discussion participants.

Google Classroom Expectations

  • Access your Google Classroom daily to find agendas, assignments, and resources.

  • Review all instructions, assignments, and materials for the day. Complete daily assignments and work on long-term assignments as assigned. Submit all assignments through Google Classroom

  • Interact appropriately while using Google Classroom. Please use appropriate behavior and language. 

How does Self-Paced learning work?

  1. The first step is the read through all learning targets in the unit. The learning targets give the specific content/state standard that students will learn during the chapter. Each lesson, practice, and assessment is linked to specific learning targets.

  2. The next step in this process is to take the Pretest.The pretest will be taken on   After the pretest is completed, it will be graded. Each question on the pretest will correspond to a learning target. 

  3. The Unit Guide shows the learning target that corresponds to each question. If a question was answered correctly, the corresponding learning target is considered mastered. If a learning target is mastered, students can choose to skip the lesson and practice(Steps 4 and 5) for the target and skip straight to taking the target quiz (step 6). If questions were answered incorrectly, the corresponding learning targets were not mastered. In this step, students need to review the pretest and take note of the targets they need to master/learn. 

  4. One target will be learned/mastered at a time. For each target that needs to be mastered, students will watch videos and study notes to learn the content.

  5. Once students feel they have understood the content, they can practice the content. There will be various worksheets for students to work on. There is no required amount of practice for students to complete. Students do as much practice as needed to master the topic.

  6. When students feel they have mastered the target, they can take the target quiz. All target quizzes must be taken and passed in order to complete the unit and move on.  Target quizzes will be taken on

  7. When the target quiz has been completed it will be graded. If the quiz was passed, the student will fill in the date of completion on their unit guide and can move on to the next target in the list. If the quiz was failed, the student will be directed to go back to step 4 or ask the teacher for further help in mastery. 

  8. After the student has completed and mastered all learning targets on the chapter guide, the student will then take an end of unit post test. This test will need to be completed without the help of teachers, parents, and notes unless otherwise specified. Students will be given a mastery level. If targets are not mastered (level 0, 1, or 2) on the posttest, the student will be guided back to specific targets to relearn and practice problems that will be mandatory to complete. Once the student feels they understand the target, they can retake the assessment. Students will not be permitted to move on unless mastery is shown. If targets are mastered (level 3, 4) students can move on to performance tasks.

  9. The performance task is to link the math to the real-world. Students will get a choice of performance tasks to complete. Once the performance task has been submitted, students will be permitted to move on to the next unit and this cycle starts over again. 

The following video will show how self-paced learning will work using google classroom.