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Mrs. Stanley-Holmes

7th Grade Science 


This will be a very challenging year, but with patience, routines and organization we will get through it. Please review the posted syllabus for general information and the objectives for the first unit.

Virtual assignments will be in the google classroom. Student must log into google classroom. The google classroom codes are listed the syllabus.


Class Supplies:

  1. 1 marble composition notebooks - (please no spiral notebooks in physcial classroom)
  2.  Folder
  3. Wooden Pencils 
  4. 1 pack post it notes



Students will be creating an interactive notebook that will be posted in google classroom when we begin content lessons. The notebook is to be used for classwork review, homework help, and studying. Student will upload the notebook to be graded by the due date of the assignment.

This site will be updated weekly. All assignments will be posted on the stream page of google classroom.

Please view classwork daily work.

Mrs. Stanley




Dorothea Stanley-Holmes

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