Celebrating Amazing Women!

March is WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH! Women's History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. We'd like to honor all of the incredible women who make a difference and inspire us every day. We asked our staff to complete a brief questionnaire  and tell us about a special lady they'd like to honor. Here are their honorees:
Ms. Ortiz, Instructional Coach: "Rasheeda Simpson; she goes above and beyond for staff, students, and her community."
Ms. L.Richardson, ELA Interventionist: "My mother, Roseanne Butts. Roseanne Butts was an honorable, strong black woman who worked hard for her family and treated people with the utmost respect. She was kind, hard-working and was a true embodiment of every quality that a woman living in today's society should signify. She loved her family and raised generations of proud African Americans despite being a single mother for the most part; a teacher, a role model, a trooper through and through. Although her methods seemed harsh it was essential in making a great family that still runs strong to this day. That's why I have selected Roseanne Butts, my mother. For she was not just a regular black woman, she was everything a black woman should aspire to be." 
Ms. Downing, Teacher: "Crystal Gill. Crystal is not just an aunt to me, but she is also a mentor. She is one that I can count on to be honest with you at all times. She is one of the women in my life who has helped shape and molds me into the person I am today. Thank you for being you."
Mrs. Graham, Support Staff: "Rose Downing, Roseanne Butts and Karen Downing. My Grandmother, mother and Aunt, taught me how to be a mother, wife and friend and for that I will always be grateful. They lead by example and have truly left their mark on the world. Each has their own personality and that is what made them so special. Two are gone but will forever live in my heart."
Join us in honoring and celebrating all of the amazing women out there! Happy Women's History Month!