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School History

It all began with an idea at the Baltimore Avenue Redevelopment Corporation.  Dr. Benjamin Smallwood and Rev. Joseph D. Patterson observed the SW Philadelphia area and realized that our children needed an alternative for quality education.  They pulled a team together, now known as the Founders (refer to p.1-2) and the concept of the Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School (RAPCS) was formed.  Realizing that children are most at risk during their formative years it was decided that RAPCS would be a middle school.  This group initially met to develop the school's mission and design the school.

After receiving its charter, RAPCS opened in September 2001 with 180 students at 2251 N. 54th Street.  This was only temporary housing and plans were in development for the building of a permanent site. Due to significant growth in its student population (approx. 370 students in year four) RAPCS outgrew the trailers.   RAPCS then moved from the trailers to a building at 5151 Warren Street.  All the while our students continued to thrive and made AYP (Annual Yearly Progress) during the 2003-2004 & 2004-2005 academic school years.

During this time the administration and board of RAPCS diligently worked at finding a new permanent home.   During the 2004/2005 school year several options were identified and in 2005/2006 the decision was made to acquire and renovate the former Angelica laundry Plant at 2601 S. 58th Street.