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We will provide rigorous instruction to prepare children for higher learning, the workplace, and life.  RAPCS will engage our students to think globally and act locally!

Our Mission

The mission of the RAPCS is to create a safe and healthy learning environment for middle school youth to develop into responsible participants in their education and our diverse society. We will provide rigorous instruction to prepare children for higher learning, the workplace, and life.
Our guiding principles determine the manner in which our mission and vision will be realized.  Principles provide a uniform approach to how we function as a school community.  Decisions are made through the framework of our guiding principles.  These principles will transform the way we communicate by providing a shared language.

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We are a 5th-8th grade middle school in Southwest Philadelphia that encourages students to think globally and act locally!

Principal's Message

Greetings RAPCS Family,
On behalf of the faculty and staff of RAPCS, we welcome you back to the 2022-23 school year!
The vision for the 2022-23 school year is grounded in stabilizing all three areas of the school: academics, climate & culture and operations. We are working diligently to ensure that students are engaged in an enriching and culturally responsive curriculum in multiple content areas. Equally important is providing reinforced structure and accountability around uniform and behavioral expectations while cultivating a celebratory environment for academic excellence and model behaviors. 
We are enthusiastic about the plans made to establish ample opportunities for our students to explore, investigate and critically analyze themselves and their roles as local and global citizens. It may feel different; it may even feel uncomfortable; but know that with your support and commitment, our vision for this school year will launch our students into a bold new world.
Join us in ushering in a year of growth and development through RAPCS’s core mission and vision of its student body. 

With the kindest regards,
Sharaine Brown, M.Ed

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